2014 Breakout Sessions

Our conference attracts women from across the country – and beyond – and each person is looking for answers to their own situations.

Our breakout sessions provide the perfect opportunity for you to choose the topics most relevant to your own life. Led by experts in their field, each session will be packed with techniques and how-tos that you can implement into your life, business or career – NOW!

Meet Your Speakers

2014 JenenneMacklinJenenne Macklin

Session Topic: Unlocking Your Million-Dollar Mindset: 3 Power Antidotes to Turn Fear Into Fuel, Self-Sabotage into Freedom & Your (Unconscious) Prescription for Smallness into Profits

As a women of power, you have been blamed, bullied and ridiculed for your giving heart and for talking back. So you shrink back. You start to believe the lie that you need to “tone it down” in order to get ahead in business and in life.

Here is the problem: that socially acceptable “prescription” is KILLING your profits, your purpose, and your peace of mind.

There is an antidote to that “prescription pill” you and I have swallowed to make it. Yes, you can build a fierce AND fabulous lifestyle, stand in your power without ever shirking back, AND generate profits that are aligned with your divine purpose.

When you have the antidote.

I know it. My clients know it. And I want YOU to consciously know it AND use it so you to serve, be happy and live the “fabulous life!”

In this session you will:

  • Discover a PROVEN antidote to stop shrinking back or hiding in plain sight! (This solution will knock 10 years of age off of your face! And it will stop you from letting yourself play small at work, with clients, and even in your personal life!)
  • The #1 secret to shift your mind about making money so you can make millions and live a fulfilled, yummy & happy life!
  • How to recognize—and powerfully respond—when the old scripts, schemes, and strategies are robbing you blind as well as stagnating and sabotaging your success.

We will wrap up with you discovering how YOU can crack the power code of a million dollar mindset to be fierce, live financially fit and fuel your passion.

About Jenenne:

Transformational Speaker, Intuitive Coach, and Author Jenenne Macklin, is a catalyst for transformation.

Drawing on over 20 years of professional, clinical, spiritual and personal experience, she empowers her clients to make a mindset shift to change the trajectory of their business and life for results. Jenenne teaches her mindset shift strategies to her clients who have generated millions in business.

Having to breakthrough a limited mindset and take powerful inspired action herself she teaches her audience how she reached her success, manifested a loving relationship, publish her second book, Let’s Get You Happy First 4 Steps To Get You To Your Happy, and created a six-figure business within one year after being fired.



2014Stephanie Goetsch Headshot 2014Stephanie Goetsch

Session Topic: Love Your Career Without Leaving Your Job

In today’s increasingly tight and competitive job market, opportunities for career change feel limited.  So what do you do when you’re current job just doesn’t fit? Career Strategist, Stephanie Goetsch, presents actionable techniques to expand your current job by incorporating your natural strengths and passions to create career bliss.  Employers, celebrate!  Happy employees are more productive, engaged, customer-service focused and invested in the mission of the organization.  Turning ‘job like’ into ‘career love’ – win, win.


About Stephanie:

Stephanie Goetsch is the voice for career success.  As founder and CEO of Exchange Network, LLC, she has created a dynamic enterprise devoted to empowering professionals across the country.  The author of “How to go From I Hate My Job to I Love My Career,” Stephanie bases her strategies on real-world results.

Before launching her own career strategy network, Stephanie climbed the corporate ladder as a rising star in human resources.  Having counseled hundreds of employees at all levels, made entry-level to executive level hiring, firing and salary decisions, Stephanie now opens the vault to career-seekers.


MAIN-TinaJohnson_2013Photo_v2Tina Johnson

Session Topic: Maximizing Your Networking Opportunities

What does the word “Networking” mean to you?  Does it fill you with fear of the unknown?  Do you get excited to socially interact with peers and colleagues?  Do you start second guessing your pitch?  Tina Johnson of JP Events and Consulting will lead this very interactive session where she will teach you the top tips and share with you the tools to create an effective networking strategy.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn how to activate your network into unlimited net worth.

What you will learn:

  • 5 Strategies to evaluate and elevate your exposure when networking
  • 5 Unique “Must Haves” to add to your Networking Tool Kit
  • 5 mistakes people make when networking

 About Tina:

As co-founder of the Virginia Women’s Business Conference, Tina R. Johnson excels at creating events and opportunities to practice effective networking in your everyday business.  Over the years, Tina has spoken on several topics focusing on business development and growth.  With nearly 22 years of experience,  Tina is President & CEO of JP Events & Consulting, a multi-award winning event management company – creating some of the region’s most sought after corporate and private events ranging from intimate outings to large public gatherings that draw tens of thousands.

Tina leverages her corporate event management expertise by giving back to the community and passionately plans and manages events that raise funds and trumpet the causes for a myriad of philanthropic organizations.  Similarly, as an advocate for small business, she is a steadfast mentor to professionals establishing and growing their companies.  Tina strongly believes, to be a strong leader – you must give back ,  get involved in your community and create time to make strategic connections!


2014 Nikki Headshot 505Nikki Klugh

Session TopicMoney Space — How To Create Your Ultimate Profit Zone

Ready to increase your revenue, gain more clients and feel more empowered in your business? Then you definitely want to pay attention to your environment. Why? Because the space you create to live out your passion has a direct connection to your bottom line.

It’s not simply about clutter or clearing out your file drawers, it’s about understanding the connection between the space you work in and the money you create (or don’t create) in that space.

During this session, you will learn:

  • How your external world is a perfect reflection of your internal world.
  • The top 3 Profit Busters that keep you from your highest earning potential.
  • What high level entrepreneurs do to maximize their productivity.
  • 5 environmental money acceleration strategies.

About Nikki:

Nikki Klugh is an award-winning interior designer as well as the principal and owner of Nikki Klugh Design Group. Her design mission is to create inspiring spaces and work cultures, which reflect the creativity, innovation and collaboration that occur in the company. She is driven by the fact that space matters, remarkable design is essential and can inspire extraordinary results. She is committed to helping you go beyond the status quo to achieve greatness. Nikki brings insights, ideas, experience and solutions to help you move from survive to thrive.


2014 AbbieAbbie Burhans:

Session Topic: Grow Your Business with Live Events

Live events might seem old-fashioned in an increasingly-virtual world. However, they can still provide a powerful and effective way to improve customer relationships, build loyalty, strengthen your reputation, and create a buzz around your products or services. Whether you host a retreat, workshop, conference or training session, getting in front of a live audience allows you to show your expertise and generate revenue – making a significant impact on your bottom line.

In this sessions, we’ll look at the process of planning a successful event. You’ll learn insider strategies on:

  • How you know you’re ready to host your live event.
  • Your event checklist – everything from budget to content.
  • Venue selection – choosing the right spot and making the best deal.
  • Generating revenue – adding income to your bottom line.

About Abbie:

With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry both on the hotel side and the planner side, Abbie has the perfect mix of what is needed to ensure all partnerships between you, the client, and the hotel are a win/win.   She has founded her company based on a combination of old school values and boutique style service, mixed with unrivaled expertise in the hotel industry.

Deciding to focus on family and wanting to work from home, she made the jump to the other side, the planner side!   Here she found how to put her sales knowledge into a new passion, saving clients money and getting great contract terms to limit liability the client takes on for their events.   For the last seven years she has had the opportunity to work with some of the best hotels in the country. She’s connected with amazing hotel partners and her warm and friendly personality works in favor of her clients.

Now residing in Charlotte, NC, she can be found spending her free time with her two children, Hannah and Ben.  S

2014 CherylWood 2013Cheryl Wood

Session Topic: Become a Relationship Connoisseur: The Secret to Increasing Profits!

For most small-business owners, the selling process is anything but easy. Many plunge into one of two “sales sabotage” categories: the “sales introvert” who avoids asking for the sale due to fear of failure and rejection OR the “sales stalker” who shoves services and products on anyone with a wallet.  In this informative session, learn how to develop balance between underselling and overselling and create a drastic shift to “value attraction” that will increase your client base and your bottom line. Learn how to avoid undervaluing and underpricing your offerings, the art of relationship-building vs. pushing sales, and developing a brand that magnetizes clients who are the right fit and ready to pay for your solutions now.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to increase “sales confidence” and ask for the sale
  • How to overcome the fear of rejection and hearing the word NO
  • Three critical steps for developing credibility with prospects who “value shop” vs. “price shop”
  • How to transition from “sales pressure” to “value magnetization”

About Cheryl:

Cheryl Wood is a compelling thought leader and motivational speaker with a deep-rooted passion for supporting the personal development and economic empowerment of women globally. Cheryl has impacted the lives of thousands of women through her life-changing principles of FEARLESS living. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, author, and business coach who specializes in equipping individuals to stretch their thinking, expand their expectations, and play a bigger game. Her message of empowerment and supporting initiatives have been spotlighted on Fox 5 News, News Channel 8, Radio One, WPGC, WHUR, My Spirit DC, Afro-American Newspaper, and more.

Cheryl compels women to embrace their personal power to believe, visualize, and take action to achieve their goals and aspirations. Her enthusiasm for personal excellence is contagious and ignites a flame among audiences to step outside of their comfort zone, take calculated risks, and remove self-limiting beliefs to reach their greatest potential.

Her clients have included a variety of small companies, large corporations, non-profits, and associations.

2014 ChristineChristine St. Vil

Session Topic: The Power of Blogging and Social Media to Build Your Brand
It’s no secret that online marketing and social media can have a major impact on your positioning in the marketplace, developing a community or tribe and creating a sales funnel that leads to more clients and more sales. But how do you maneuver through all the information out there to create a real plan that will work for you and your business?
In this session, you’ll learn key factors in starting a blog for business:
  • How to connect to brands and build relationships for partnerships.
  • The power of networking through social media in order to grow your blog audience.
  • How to obtain google authorship in order to rank higher in google searches.
  • Understanding the importance of Alexa.com (the difference between a paid opportunity and a free one).
  • Key tools to automate your social media.
  • Creating an editorial calendar.

About Christine: 

Christine is known as the FLY mom expert & CEO of Moms ‘N Charge™. As a wife and mother of three young children, she teaches moms how to FLY (First Love Yourself).

She uses her corporate background to work with women who are ready to start a new business, accelerate their career growth & design a life they love. She used the power of social media and blogging in order to build her business & help other women to do the same. She’s on a mission to help moms to battle the mom guilt epidemic, so they can begin to put themselves first on their never-ending list of priorities.


*Speaker subject to change